Year 2 Begins

This week we have about 50 MDIV students on campus as we begin Year 2 of the seminary.  Here’s the two new cohorts–about 10 to be in the new Fall onsite cohort and about 24 to be in the new online one (Dr. Arn will receive a great reward in heaven for taking the extra students).

We also have some returning cohorts on campus this week for August intensives, The Bible as Christian Scripture and Introduction to Theology.

Here is new theology professor John Drury with some of the students from the two January cohorts (with Josh joining from the MA program):

I thought I took a picture of my Bible class, but I’ll have to do another tomorrow to post. 

These are really exciting times.  With Lenny Luchetti and John Drury in their offices, Bob Whitesel and Chip Arn continuing to set high standards of excellence, this year is shaping up to be spectacular.

I also want to mention the new half time hire of Joanne Walker as “Director of Latino Latina Education for Wesleyan Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University.”  We plan to have our first all Spanish MDIV cohort starting as soon as this January.

We have our fearless leader, Wayne Schmidt, to thank for so many exciting developments that seem to be coming on the horizon, including the possibility that we may start up a cohort soon in the South Pacific.

Gratias Deo!