Wesley Seminary on the Techology Show

Greetings Friends of the Seminary!

One of our favorite podcasts is The Techology Show, the show about technology, theology and everything in-between. Their last two shows featured stars of Wesley Seminary: Ken Schenck and Paul Tillman. Prior to that they have hosted other Wesley Seminary leaders, teachers and students. So, here’s a shout out to The Techology Show for being a great friend of the seminary. And be sure to subscribe to this great weekly podcast!

Behold, a festival of links:

Ken Schenck (Dean and Professor of New Testament for Wesley Seminary at IWU)

Paul Tillman (Lead Pastor of Oakdale Wesleyan Church and Graduate of the inaugural MDIV cohort, Wesley Seminary at IWU)

Bud Bence (Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology and Church Historian in Residence for Wesley Seminary at IWU)

Bob Whitesel (Professor of Missional Leadership for Wesley Seminary at IWU)

Lenny Luchetti (Professor of Proclamation for Wesley Seminary at IWU)

Wayne Schmidt (Vice President of Wesley Seminary at IWU)