Week 2 Begins

This is the second week of our August intensives, with four classes going on.  Norm Wilson, with the help of Jim Fuller and Jeff Fussner, is teaching two sections of “Cultural Contexts of Ministry.”

John Drury and I are also teaching additional segments of Theology (John) and Bible (Ken).  Finally, we have Dr. George Hunter from Asbury teaching on emerging trends in church growth.

I am truly amazed at the good things that are happening here!  Certainly we are very thankful to the Lord for what He has and continues to do.  One of the most special is to see the ministers so encouraged by each other.  Ministry is like getting beat up one week and then going back for more the next.  I can see how good it is for the ministers to be together. 

Sure, they’re taking classes, working hard, staying up late writing.  But it’s like a retreat.  The fact that they’re in cohorts together rather than random collections of students for an individual class has truly made classes into spiritually formative experiences.  When they’re online together, they remember being together on campus.  And when they come back together on campus, it’s like meeting up with old friends. 

Gloria Deo!