Week 2–an excerpt from class

I posted this in relation to the Bible assignment this week in the Missional Church course.  This week’s assignment involves an interpretation of the Parable of the Good Samaritan.
“…I think some of the best preaching is preaching ‘from the gaps’ of the text, getting into the heads of the characters or people and experiencing the story as you would have if you were there.  One goal I have for ministers is that they can tell the difference of where the text leaves off and where they and Spirit take it from there.”
“For example, Steve Deneff, my pastor, is a brilliant preacher.  He’s in a series on James right now.  But I or many of us could preach from the same texts and it wouldn’t come anywhere close.  It’s not because Steve is seeing more that’s there that I don’t.  It’s that he has more God-given wisdom than I do, with which he and the Spirit fill the gaps of the text with brilliance!”