It was suggested that I put this spreadsheet of the Fall Missional Church course online so that you could see just how much Bible, theology, and Church history there actually is concretely in our courses (as well as how well integrated, in ministry, and intentional our curriculum is).  Bible, theology, and church history are in italics. It amounts to about 24/71 of these disciplines.  In other words, more than a third of this course is Bible, theology, and Church history.  Or to put it yet another way, Ben Witherington did not know of what he spoke…






Week 1: What is “missional”?  
Reading: Barrett, Congregational Sketches, Treasure in Clay Jars 20
Discussion: Defining missional 10
Bible: A Missional Hermeneutic 20
Action Research: Missional Temperature 50

Week 2: Your Local Missional Context
Reading: Guder chaps. 4-5, Missional Church 10
Discussion: My Demographic Research 20
Bible: Who is My Neighbor? 20
Action Research: Community Human Needs 50

Week 3: Gearing Up for Mission
Discussion: Christian Institutions 30
Church History: In Defense of Constantine  
Integration Paper: Statement of Problem (completion) 20
Action Research: Your Church’s Life Cycle 50

Week 4: Brainstorming for Mobilization
Reading: Roxburgh and Romanuk chaps. 1-5, The Missional Leader 20
Search: Personal Development Models 20
Theology: Prevenient or Predestination 20
Action Research: Forces of Community Change 40
Integration Paper: Picking Passages (recommended)  

Week 5: Missional Trends
Skim: Missional Buzz Book, Breaking, Emerging, or Shaping 20
Discussion: Coming or Going 10
Theology: Models of the Church 30
Application: A Mobilization Strategy 40
Integration Paper: Brainstorming Interpretations (recommended)  

Week 6: The Good News in Your Community
Reading: Pierson, Needs Based Evangelism 20
Discussion: Incarnated Community 10
Bible: Prophets and Social Justice 20
Application: Good Samaritan Strategy 50
Integration Paper: Background and Commentary Research (recommended)  

Week 7: Becoming a Sticky Church
Reading: Osborne, chaps. 1-9, Sticky Church 10
Church History: The Social Gospel 20
Integration Paper: Exegetical Research (completion) 30
Action Research: Church Stickiness 40

Week 8: Staying a Sticky Church
Reading: Osborne, chaps. 10-19, Sticky Church 20
Search: Small Group Clusters 10
Church History: Patrick and Boniface, Celtic Prayer 20
Application: Small Group Strategy 50
Integration Paper: Constructing a Biblical Theology (recommended)  
Week 9: Who is “in” the Church?  
Reading: Peace’s “Conflicting Understandings” 20
Bible: Conversion in New Testament 20
Theology: Wesley’s “Spirit of Bondage” 20
Action Research: Conversion Stories 40
Integration Paper: Theological Perspectives (recommended)  

Week 10: Who is “in” Your Church?
Reading: Guder, chap. 6, Missional Church 10
Church History: Not of the World 10
Action Research: My Church Membership 40
Application: Perfecting Membership 40
Integration Paper: Church Historical Perspectives (recommended)  

Week 11: Tracking Evangelism
Reading: Arn, chaps. 1-4, Master’s Plan for Making Disciples 20
Theology: What is the Church? 20
Integration Paper: Theological-Historical Research (completion) 30
Action Research: Relational Networks 50

Week 12: Planning Evangelism
Reading: Arn, chaps. 5-8, Master Plan for Discipleship 20
Discussion: Is evangelism the task? 20
Bible: Biblical Commissions 20
Application: Evangelism Strategy 40
Integration Paper: Personal and Corporate Spiritual Experience (recommended)  

Week 13: Multiplying the Church
Reading: Stetzer, chaps. 1, 4, 11-20,  Planting Missional Churches 20
Discussion: Inside and Out 10
Theology: Prophet, Priest, or King 20
Action Research: Brainstorming Possibilities 50
Integration Paper: Research in Supportive Disciplines (recommended)  

Week 14: Service in Judea and Samaria
Reading: Willimon, chaps. 9-10, Pastor 10
Action Research: Brainstorming Possibilities 20
Bible: Expansion of the Gospel in Acts 20
Integration Paper Due 250

Week 15: Global Missions
Reading: Wilson, “Current Issues in Global Missions” 20
Discussion: Glocalization 20
Theology: Indigenous Theologies 20
Application: Global Strategy 40

Week 16: Missional Strategy
Reading: Roxburgh and Romanuk, chaps. 6-11 30
Discussion: Missional Progress 20
Application Paper Due 250