12Stone Happenings (Bob Whitesel)

There are many ways that organizations such as churches and seminaries can grow. One effective strategy is to create new locations, making our message more accessible to those who need it. Wesley Seminary is located on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University and is part of The Wesleyan Church. Therefore an obvious solution for branching out is to offer classes at healthy, growing churches, thus creating partnerships with these churches. Pending approval, we hope our first such partnership will be with 12Stone® Church in Lawrenceville, GA.  You can learn more about this amazing church here: http://12stone.com/history

Through Wesley Seminary’s revolutionary partnership with 12Stone® Church, students would be able to earn a Master of Arts in Ministry degree with a focus in Leadership. Indiana Wesleyan University has been offering this MA degree for over 20 years and in 2009 this degree came under the stewardship of Wesley Seminary. Students who join the 12Stone® partnership will get the same high quality education and the same curriculum. But, in addition they will receive an the opportunity to learn from the experienced ministers of 12Stone® Church.

On June 5-10 2013 the first course in this revolutionary program will be launched at 12Stone® Church and the Maxwell Leadership Center in Lawrenceville GA (near Atlanta).  It will include an opportunity for students to experience firsthand the rhythm of 12Stone® and even their Sunday experiences. Though most of the classes will be taught online (one of the formats in which Wesley Seminary offers its MA in Ministry), students in this new program will benefit from interacting in every class not only with seasoned Wesley Seminary professors, but also with the experienced ministers of 12Stone®.

If you feel called to be a church leader, a para-church leader, or a lay leader, this degree is a great place to start your ministerial training. And you will have a great church to help you learn.  If you’re interested in the next step, come join me in June. http://seminary.indwes.edu/12Stone/

Bob Whitesel D.Min. Ph.D.
Professor of Christian Ministry and Missional Leadership

  • BWhitesel

    Some people have asked me if they have to live in Atlanta to take advantage of this course. No they don’t. This course is available online. And, 12Stone leaders will be participating in every course sharing their insights. You will only need to travel to Atlanta for one week each year. But the end result is that you will learn from the leaders of this amazing church … and earn a Masters degree too.

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